About us


Fastline Shellfish is a family- owned and operated business. We’ve been around since 2009 yet the family fishing goes back much further. Our main aim is to supply the finest fresh shellfish. We cut out the suppliers and fish for our own fish, process it, then supply it through our shop!


While we continually strive for innovation at Fastline, we’re still making our creations the way it should be, fresh locally caught seafood. Just how you like it.

Why buy it when you can catch it yourself! That's what we do here at Fastline Shellfish. Our boat with its own dedicated crew fishes the North East Lincolnshire coast every day bringing home the finest shellfish. So not only do we offer dressed and boiled products its also available live too!


We only use pots to catch our crustacean, no nets or trawls just the selective way of fishing.